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After the show

After the show lets out, Johnathan Winters looks for Heather. Once he finds here and is sure no one else is listening, he tells her quietly, "I've got my own room. Meet me there when you're free and you can spend the night with me." He grins and gives her his room number.


Phone call from Eve

The phone rings at Ciara's house.


Alan, Tony & Dylan visit Ciara

"Here we are!" says Allan.

"What's that thing on the door?" asks Tony.


Dinner with Dylan

"Italian and Indian," says Alan looking around the restaurant. He chuckles and gives Tony a grin. "I'm impressed you found this place. I never would have thought there was a restaurant that served both."

"And if Dylan doesn't like either," says Tony and gestures at the door to the outside, "We're close to were he works, so he can just take us somewhere he knows."

"That works. And I've got the list of places we're checking out, so we can show it too him when he comes."
"Okay, I'm still not happy we'll be using my money for a deposit, but seeing as you'll let me sell pictures of you to cover the rent, I'm okay with it" says Tony as they walk down the busy sidewalk filled with Asian people and goods overflowing from the stores facing the street.

"Only if I can't pay for the first month's rent."

"Or your half after that. And in either case..." Tony doesn't finish his sentence, but does lick his lips.

Alan grins wryly. "Yep. The things one does for a friend." He adds more seriously. "But you are my friend, so we'll make this work."

Tony bops Alan in the arm. "Thanks." Switching topics, Tony continues, "So you said you think you might know a place?"

Alan nods. "I've got a lead from Grandpa. There's a room over a Chinese laundry he and his friends used rent out sometimes. We'll start there."

Apartment hunting?! (Dresden Files RPG)

"Where did my fork go? I just had it a moment ago," Allen Bradley says, then looks across the kitchen island at his friend Tony.

"Mf," comes from Tony, with a fork in his mouth. Pulling it out, he looks down at the fork next to his plate on the table, shrugs and hands the fork off the table to Allen. "Here, this one is clean."

Allen looks at it a moment. "That's clean. Mine was used."

"Well, it's been in my mouth now, so you should take the clean one." He grins at Allen. "After all, who knows what you might pick up if you used silverware that's been in somebody else's mouth."

Allen frowns at Tony, and his mother chimes in from across the kitchen. "He's right dear. It's not really sanitary, even if he is your best friend."

Allen sighs and takes the fork. "Yes mom."

Tony calls over to Allen's mother. "We'll do the dishes for you, Mrs. Bradly."

"Thanks Tony, you're a dear."

Allen rolls his eyes. "You just want to get my silverware again," he says in hushed tones to Tony.

Tony nods affirmatively. "Hey," he says quietly, "You wouldn't want your mom to touch your saliva now. Me..." He shrugs.

"Take a flaw and make it all noble now," he says with a chuckle.

"What was that Allen?" his mother asks from across the room.

"Oh, just saying how Tony and I are going to go look for an apartment. He's got the deposit and we're going to be splitting the rent from now on."

Tony mouthed, "What?!" at Allen across from the table.

"Oh, that's good dear!" Mrs Bradley responds. "Tony will be a good influence on you."

His back to Mrs Bradley, tony sticks his tongue out at Allen.
This post takes place after the Halloween Party and during the the tabletop session of Dec 4th, prior to the PCs visiting Jes's House of Film. This post is intended for skywalkersson

The house is quiet as Jes leads Jared up another flight of stairs. "It's just as well I canceled filming for today," Jes says. "Not only for time but I... I guess I'm sort of nervous about our date. Silly eh? Anyway, I had Shannon make arrangements for us, so that's why we're headed to the attic. Don't have much of a call for more formal stuff when filming, so I just keep my interview outfit in my room. I'm figuring you'll fit nicely into one of my older sports jackets, and then we can find you pants to match. Hm, and a tie. Do you know how to tie a tie, Jared?"


Elsewhere at the Halloween party

The blue-skinned young man in a loincloth making his way through the crowd makes a pretty convincing Na'vi. Even his tail seems almost real as it bounces behind him as he walks. He's even fairly tall, though his six feet tall leaves him shy of full Na'vi height. Clad in little more than paint, his lanky frame adds to the authenticity of his Na'vi impersonation. And even for those unfamilar with the Na'vi, the young man's figure is at worst, not unpleasent to look at.

He looks around as he makes his way through the crowd. Spotting someone in a costume facing away from him, he makes his way over and taps them on the shoulder. "Devin, is that you?" he asks.

Durring the Halloween party...

This post is intended for tgm_npcs

Jesper Westergard leads his new acquaintance through the throng.

"...So after last year my Dad said no more Halloween parties at our house. Someone came up with the idea of a Halloween dinner, so Shannon put that together. And with everyone from the movie getting invited here, it really worked out."

At the cafe

"Thanks for agreeing to get together and talk to me, Mickey," says Andrzej as he sits down at the one of the tables still set up outside the cafe near JCU. It's cool, so the outdoor section is mostly deserted.

"Sitting outside was a good idea. As much as I like being the center of attention, I'd actually like to talk without being inturupted," the small boyish-looking teen says as he piaces his cup on the table with his plate of blue chips and a wrap sandwich.

Andraej has his hair pulled back and braided in a ponytail, with a familiar looking silk scarf tieing off the end of the braid. His earrings also look familiar to Mickey, as they are the ones she brought to him. His form fitting jeans aren't that remarkable, but the jacket he's wearing is a bright scarlet and has his first name and 'Warsaw Wonders' embroidered on the front.

"So, how did you..." Andrzej's boyish voice trails off as someone dressed mostly in black carrying a tray of food comes toward their table.


During the Street Fair

This take place before/during the June 6, 2010 session.

Alex, dressed in a cream colored polo shirt and new khaki cargo pants, approaches Hildi.

"Hi, Hildi. Would you be interested in going to the concert later with me? I can even get us backstage introduce you to some of the performers, if you're interested. I know one of the organizers."


Drop off

This takes place after the 3/20 tabletop session

"So turn right at the signal, then another right at the first corner," says Ginny, sitting in the front seat of the car with Kyle.

"Thanks for taking me home," she says to Kyle. "I know it's not that far out of your way, but I appreciate it - and everything else."

"It's been strange and even scary at times, but..." Ginny smiles. "It's been awesome too. I'm really glad I got to see the things I did." Her face falls. "Too bad I'm going back to my boring old mundane life."

:er eyes widen as she looks out the winshield and her mouth forms an 'o.' "Look at that thing! It's almost as big as the car!"


Our Heroes' Home - the living room

This takes place while our heroes are in the "rock" world, either during the March 20th session, or a bit after.

"...So yeah Brad, I was upset, but at least she wasn't mean about it," Alex says into the phone. "So I've got some free time, and I could help you out."

Alex listens to Brad's reply....